Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Last Day of School

I can't believe it's here already! I'm heading out the door to get my daughter from her last day of school. Wow! Where did the year go?!?

In preparing for the end of school, here is a recent article I wrote:

Oh no! It's summer!

Do you feel that way as the school days are coming to an end? In some ways I do. My daughter is bright and enjoys learning so school is great for her. But Summer means that Mommy has to be organized and run a “summer school”.
Now my summer school isn’t a full-fledged educational study. It’s more of a project-based entertainment plan.
My daughter loves to have projects to do and loves to be helpful. To work on both those things, she and I recently planted a garden.  It’s nothing big but we’re hoping it produces some fruits and vegetables. She enjoyed digging up holes and putting in each plant. She’s been doing some weeding and checking on her plants most days. I’ve been doing the watering in the mornings while she’s at school but that will soon be her job too.
My daughter isn’t really a fan of the water, so we’re putting her in swimming lessons again this summer. She passed the first three levels last summer so we’re hoping she’ll get through the last two. This should take care of a couple hours Monday to Thursday.
Both my little darlings will be helping with the grocery shopping as Daddy will still be at work all summer long. My son is still pretty good to ride in the cart, so that just leaves my daughter walking along beside. We make a mission of searching for the items on the list as we walk throughout the stores and they even get to pick a few things (like the kind of ice cream to get). We’ve also talked about what food we’ll eat during the summer and most days lunch will happen on our deck.
I’m hoping for Fun Fridays too. Since we won’t have to go anywhere on that day, I’m planning themes that we can do. So far on the list we’ve got camp, spa, beach, pajama parties, pirates, and fairies. The idea is to have a theme for the day and activities and food to go with it. Not sure which we’ll get done or if I’ll have to add some more but it can be a work in progress.
What are you doing with your kids this Summer? How will you keep them entertained so your don’t have to hear “Mom, I’m bored!!!”?
Join me here to find out how my kids and I survive the Summer during my quest for Domestic Diva-hood.