Monday, December 31, 2012

Meal Planning for January

So I FINALLY sat down and did it. :) Well, started anyways.

This morning I got out my Meal Ideas list, a pen and a sticky note. I wrote down headings of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Other, and started filling in meals we like or often eat from the Meal Ideas list. I came up with 7 beef ones, 5 pork ones, 7 chicken ones, and 4 other ones. Not too bad. :) That gives us 23 meals already out of 31. There will be a few nights where we will probably have leftovers so I'm a little closer to having something for every night.

Next I'm going to go through the freezers to see what meat and meals I already have, adding whatever I don't to my grocery list that way when something goes on sale I can pick it up.

I'm going to put the sticky note on our family calendar. I'll write down what we eat for supper on the calendar each day and cross them off the sticky as I go. I may sometimes pencil things in ahead of time. I already have tomorrow's (January 1st) meal on the calendar. We're having roast beef as we're having pork dumplings tonight.

Feels good to be a little more organized and starting January off on the right foot. :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moving Plan

As I mentioned not too long ago, we're looking to move. We need more space inside and out. We're staying in the same area, just farther from the centre of the city and maybe into a little town outside the city.

No matter when we purchase the home, we most likely won't move till at least the Spring so that gives me a few months to declutter, dejunk, organize and prepare. That sounds like a lot of time but I'm sure it will fly by. My plan is to do a little each day (or at least a few times a week). This will mean we won't go over the garbage limit each week. It gives me time to sell or donate stuff. It also means I can get the stuff we're keeping better organized.

Since I mentioned we're moving, I already started planning my attack on our stuff. And bonus, I've already started. :) With Christmas being over, I already took our tree down. It's a little bit early but I had a new bookcase to go in its spot so I was happy to move it. I've got four bins to put our stuff in - two red and two white. My plan is to put all the Christmas stuff into the red ones and the Winter stuff into the white ones. It's mostly already done but I still have some decorations up so it's not quite finished.

With the new bookcase, I've got all our DVDs out finally and filling up space on it. Now the boxes only have VHS movies which I hope to get rid of. And I started on the kids clothes too. I got through all their drawers and found the clothes I had put in the basement. Everything upstairs now either fits them or will fit them. The old stuff is all in the front porch for one more sort and then selling/donating.

It feels good to be making some progress already. I know the stuff I started isn't complete but it's a beginning. Sometimes it's hard to get through stuff with my daughter around since she seems to get more attached to things then my son.

More again soon.....

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Oh my! Somehow Christmas is over. I feel like I was just getting things ready and it's gone already. I hope you all had a great one. Was it overwhelming? Did you feel prepared? I sure was glad I broke up a lot of the jobs I had on my list and got something done each day. Definitely made it less overwhelming.

I can't believe it's almost January. Things have been coming together for the new year but I'm still not quite ready. I'm aiming to get stuff finished up this weekend. Will let you all know soon. :)

Happy New Year my dear domestic ones. May 2013 be full of many blessings, peace and organization for all of us.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In a word... Distracted!

I have been very distracted lately. There's been a lot going on here and I've been having a hard time keeping balance and finding focus.

We're started looking for a new home and that seems to be all I want to do. It's taking over all my thoughts and I find myself drifting to looking at properties all the time. I found one online and we went to look at it, put an offer in and waited. After a couple back and forths, we didn't get it. I found another one and we saw it today. Another offer in and now we wait. I keep sitting down here at the computer to do something but I somehow end up on websites dealing with our local real estate. I'm really finding it hard to focus on anything else, even Christmas.

I'm going to have to get over it all soon and start focusing on other things. I need to find balance again so I can get things accomplished. I definitely won't be ready to move when we find a place if I don't. ;)