Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oi! Menus....

Menus - I think it may be my nemesis. I love being organized but I can't stand deciding what to have for supper. And there is no sense asking the rest of the people around here. The answer always seems to be: "I don't know", "Whatever", "Food". Oh, those answers are all so helpful! Right! [insert eye-rolling here]

So what do I do? I thought I would start by listing all the meals we usually eat for supper, along with whatever side dishes came to me. Then I started a table in a Word Document, breaking the list up into: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Other, Sides. Today, as I was perusing blogs, I printed off some new recipes to try and added them to my Meal Ideas list. I also put in notes as to how to cook all the different dishes (crock pot, oven, stove top, etc.).

Hopefully I'll be able to decide better what to make. I know with my regular meals, I have a most of the ingredients on hand. The new stuff I picked is often similar and I'll have to pick up a few things. It's just the knowing what to make.

Domestic Diva: Getting back into things this Fall

Summer has been a great time of leisure but as Fall approaches my life gets busy. Hubby is at work again, my daughter is back in school, and my son and I are left at home to our own devices. What is the one thing that keeps me going and organized? ROUTINES!!

I am by no means a “morning person.” I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to have to get things done early. So, with the help of “FlyLady” these last few years, I have been working away at developing routines to help me get things done and not be rushed or have to get up early.

I’ve developed a before-bed routine that includes making sure the coffee is set, laying out clothes for the morning, and checking the calendar for the next day’s events. My morning routine is getting the kids dressed and fed, packing a lunch and school bag for my daughter, and getting myself completely ready for the day. My afternoon routine is where I get all my housework done like a quick clean of the bathrooms, a sweep of the main floor, Zone (specific room) work for the day, and a break for myself.

The idea of Routines is to do things the same way frequently enough so that you can do it all without thinking and a big cleaning job is never needed. My house stays clean and tidy by doing a little each day. It’s about progress, not perfection.

For more on “FlyLady”, check out her website:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Domestic Diva: Introduction

Thought I would start a blog to share my domestic tips and ideas that I find along the way as I journey to Domestic Diva-hood.

I'm also writing articles for newsletters that the Women's Ministries group at Church publishes. Think those will be a good start for here too. Enjoy!