Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oi! Menus....

Menus - I think it may be my nemesis. I love being organized but I can't stand deciding what to have for supper. And there is no sense asking the rest of the people around here. The answer always seems to be: "I don't know", "Whatever", "Food". Oh, those answers are all so helpful! Right! [insert eye-rolling here]

So what do I do? I thought I would start by listing all the meals we usually eat for supper, along with whatever side dishes came to me. Then I started a table in a Word Document, breaking the list up into: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Other, Sides. Today, as I was perusing blogs, I printed off some new recipes to try and added them to my Meal Ideas list. I also put in notes as to how to cook all the different dishes (crock pot, oven, stove top, etc.).

Hopefully I'll be able to decide better what to make. I know with my regular meals, I have a most of the ingredients on hand. The new stuff I picked is often similar and I'll have to pick up a few things. It's just the knowing what to make.

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  1. Hope that it work out for you! I couldn't live with out a menu plan. How do you shop with out one??