Monday, December 31, 2012

Meal Planning for January

So I FINALLY sat down and did it. :) Well, started anyways.

This morning I got out my Meal Ideas list, a pen and a sticky note. I wrote down headings of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Other, and started filling in meals we like or often eat from the Meal Ideas list. I came up with 7 beef ones, 5 pork ones, 7 chicken ones, and 4 other ones. Not too bad. :) That gives us 23 meals already out of 31. There will be a few nights where we will probably have leftovers so I'm a little closer to having something for every night.

Next I'm going to go through the freezers to see what meat and meals I already have, adding whatever I don't to my grocery list that way when something goes on sale I can pick it up.

I'm going to put the sticky note on our family calendar. I'll write down what we eat for supper on the calendar each day and cross them off the sticky as I go. I may sometimes pencil things in ahead of time. I already have tomorrow's (January 1st) meal on the calendar. We're having roast beef as we're having pork dumplings tonight.

Feels good to be a little more organized and starting January off on the right foot. :)

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