Monday, January 7, 2013

More Moving Details

Happy New Year!!!! It's a happy one here for sure. :) Sunday was a great day. The NHL peeps announced that morning that they got their crap worked out and hockey will be starting soon. And we found out that night that we're getting the house. :D Such exciting times!!!! Now I'm starting to feel the pressure.... ;)

Our closing date is going to be Wednesday, April 17th. Hubby wants to move into the house that weekend (20th and 21st). We want to be able to rent out our current house for May 1st, which means we need to get some things finished up around here before then (trim, carpet on the stairs, ceiling in a bathroom, finish up downstairs so that it's usable). Lucky for me I won't have to do the actual work but I still have to get the house ready for moving and construction work.

So now for the plan with some dates now.... :)

I'm going to get the Christmas stuff finished up today. Everything is down and in the basement but I found a few dishes in the cupboard still this morning. I'm going to finish packing it up so that it's ready to move.

By the end of next week, I want to be through all the kids' clothes and toys, and get them posted for sale. If they aren't gone by February 2nd/3rd then I'll donate the stuff somewhere. I've already got most of the clothes done, just need to do a final check upstairs then I can start on the toys.

I am aiming to be through all the stuff in the basement (except for hubby's stuff) by March 2nd/3rd. I need to try to get it as ready as possible so he can get work done down there.

March and early April will be left for doing the last minute stuff. I need to find out about schools, transferring cable, internet, phone, and whatever else I can think of. I probably only have to get a little bit of paint as the room my daughter will be getting is not the colour she wants, but the rest of the house should be fine.

Since there are a few places in the house we don't use, I'm going to split up the piles of stuff. The selling/donating pile will be in our front porch. That gets everything to the main floor which will be easier for transporting or picking up. Our moving pile is going to start on the finished part of the basement floor against the far wall. Once I get some stuff moved around and sorted I may move it to the unfinished section but we'll see. The garbage pile will be near the bottom of the basement stairs. I'm hoping to mostly throw stuff out as I go so we don't have a lot of garbage at the end.

So that's my plan with a little more details. You'll notice some lists forming in the sidebar soon. I want to work at keep of track of what I get done. I'm going to have my to-do lists on paper but I want to have a done list on here to celebrate as I go.

Alrighty, here I go! :)

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