Wednesday, January 9, 2013

M&M Update for January 9, 2013

So I was trying to think of a fun way to combine my updates on the two major topics I'm dealing with right now. I came up with M&M - moving plan and meal plan. :) Fun eh?!? Plus who doesn't love M&Ms?!? ;)

M#1 - Moving Plan: I am making progress but it's been a little slow this week. Today I had shopping to do and yesterday I played cards so no progress Tuesday and Wednesday. But Monday was a good day. I got all the Christmas and Winter stuff (decorations, dishes, wrapping, etc.) organized and packed up ready to move. I also spent about an hour sorting a bunch of the kids' toys. There's more to do but that was a big chunky of them. They were all pretty small and piled up together. Oh, and today I got two green storage containers at Walmart for $5 each. (They are normally $7.77.) I'm going to put all my other Holiday stuff (decorations, dishes, etc.) in them I think. Not sure if I'll get anything done tomorrow as I've got a meeting here tomorrow. Hopefully Friday will be a good day for more moving progress.

M#2 - Meal Plan: So my method seems to be working pretty good so far. I've got the sticky on the calendar with my lists of ideas, crossing them off as I use them and adding meals to the day we eat them. I still am usually picking something the night before, but it helps to have some ideas right there to pick from. Its definitely adding to the variety of what we eat. I haven't mastered planning farther ahead yet as different things seem to come up and would throw a meal plan off. Also, I haven't had all the meat I need to cook all the meals I listed, so it's easier to add them in once I've picked up the meat. All in all, I'm feeling good about it.

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