Monday, January 21, 2013

Sick Day

Today is the first of (hopefully not too many) sick days here. My daughter hasn't been feeling well for a couple days and feeling worse. My son wasn't feeling good when he got up neither. So after a phone call to hubby to cancel is chauffeuring duties and the school to let them know my daughter wouldn't be coming in, we braved the day. The kids are enjoying their time in pajamas and Mommy has been doing her best to cater to them.

I thought they were doing better after some homemade chicken soup for lunch and planned to go ahead with my planned supper. Hubby was home early and things looked good for being on time with the meal. Unfortunately everything went to hell after that. Hubby got called to an emergency at work. Kids were feeling worse again so just wanted soup, cheese and crackers. Wasn't going to cook for just me so I decided to wait for hubby. He said not to bother. And so, supper ended up in the fridge till tomorrow and hubby and I enjoyed more leftovers for supper (we had them the day before).

What do you do when things fall apart? How do you feel? I often get frustrated and feel upset. You know, we put a lot of effort into making meals for our families to eat. But today I was feeling okay. I rolled with it all pretty well. And hopefully tomorrow the little peeps will be feeling well enough for a real meal. Although it looks like Mommy and Daddy are getting the cold.... :(

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