Saturday, January 12, 2013

Minor progress

There are lots of times when our days (and maybe weeks) disappear and your To Do List is the same as when you wrote it down. Things come up and get in the way of doing the things we planned to do. My past week had been one of those.

I was hoping to definitely make some progress with decluttering and organizing. Monday was a good day for that and I got a quite a bit done. But since that day, it just seems like nothing has worked out. But you know what? That's okay!

I have been continuing to put like items together. This week I receive a few Christmas tins back so I made sure to take them downstairs and pack them rather than wait to do it later. And I found a couple Christmas movies I missed in the original packing so they went down and in the bins too.

I have been tossing and decluttering little things as I see them. I was hunting through the linen closet for a few things the other day and found a few things to toss so in the garbage they went. I decluttered the top of my dresser today too. There were some books on it I thought I would read but haven't so put them in a box of books I started. And there was a basket of stuff sitting on the dresser as well, so I did a quick run through it and tossed about half the stuff.

So it's all good. :) We don't move for about 3 months so I have time to do all the sorting, organizing and tossing I want while I pack. And on the days where I don't have time for major progress, I can still make minor progress. I'll be saving myself time later when I can even do 3 to 5 minutes of stuff now.

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