Monday, November 7, 2011

October Basement Project: Surprise finish

Well, the Basement organization is finished. I know, surprise!!! Here's what happened....

Saturday morning, just before my friend and her kids arrived, hubby informs me that he's starting on the basement this weekend. WHAT?!?!? I just told him I needed a little more time since I lost a week with the kids being sicked. Sheesh! So Saturday after lunch, my daughter and I headed to the basement to do a quick finish while my son was napping. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sort everything like I wanted. I had some boxes of papers that I really wanted to go through. I started stacking the like-piles (I had already sorted stuff into piles of like things) with the rest of the already sorted stuff, while my daughter sorted through the kids stuff. She was able to get things piled up together so we could box like things together. I'm glad I was able to finish the piling so that I at least know where stuff is down there and things I don't think I'll need soon are piled at the back. Will have more sorting to do once hubby gets some shelves put in but that's okay. I know I did awesome! I've posted some pictures here so you can see how far I got. Now hubby has some walls to build.... ;) 
Last of the pile - unsorted stuff

All the stored stuff, mostly sorted, definitely organized

Cleared off for hubby to work....

Stuff I was able to throw out. :)

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