Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer - Week 2

So, I did it - survived another week with two kids. Still no real schedule working out. I guess Summer just to be more relaxed. I want a schedule so I am sure to be a little more productive, but maybe it's not going to happen. Oh well, it's only been 2 weeks.

My daughter didn't pass her swimming. :( She did pretty good, but has a few things to work on. I wasn't really expecting her to pass this first attempt. She hasn't been swimming since last Summer. We don't have a real pool here (just a kiddie pool) and during the school year we're busy enough without having extra things to go to. Besides lessons aren't the cheapest either.

My son and I had a nice day on Friday. Dropped my daughter off at her friends' house after swimming lessons. Son and I went grocery shopping then took it easy the rest of the day. It was one of my favourite days so far.

Time for some more Summer fun.... 

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