Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Overloaded - that's how I've been feeling lately. You would think that getting back into a school-centred schedule would be the overwhelming part but it actually wasn't. My kids and I have fallen back into the school schedule with ease. It's everything else that seems to be weighting me down.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with my volunteer work with the Women's Ministry at my church but I'm feeling a little bogged down with all the stuff I need to catch up on. It all starts with the mass of emails I need to get through. Now granted, they aren't all related to my ministry work but I do need to keep chugging away at the piles of emails.

I am also working on figuring out how to get my house cleaned and go through all the items we have stored. I've got my daily tasks going pretty well. Still need to work on the extra stuff.

And now we're transitioning into a different cooking season. Time for less BBQing, more oven and crockpot cooking. It's making life interesting trying to work it all out, including meal planning, grocery list making and shopping.

And there's my knitting.... Still trying to work out getting it all done and when to do it. I need to get planning what to make for Christmas presents. Oi!

And with all this, I feel overloaded. I will get to the spot where I'm feeling balanced, it's just going to be a journey to get there.

Where are you on your journey to balance? Are you overloaded or got it all under control? Has the Fall helped you start to find your footing again or are you feeling completely out of it?

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