Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting Everyone Excited

I can't wait for the move but the kids not so much. Our current home is all they've ever known. Because they are so young they don't totally get it either. So I'm trying to get them excited about our new place before we get there.

March Break started today so I'm planning a few things to do with the kids. We're going to go pick out paint colours for their rooms. We've got to get some packing done while they are home as well. My daughter has been thinking about her room and what she would like in it. I told her we could start a list and watch for stuff to go on sale after our move. I'm not 100% sure what all will fit in her room. Can't really decided till we get there.

Oh, something fun that I did today was print labels for the boxes. I'm already getting tired of looking at black marker so I'm adding some colour. I printed out a bunch with names of different people and rooms that have specific colours. Now I just have to stick the label on the box and add any other notes. It's fun. :)

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