Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Birthday Season

All our birthdays are together over a few months. It starts with mine at the end of August. Then there is back to school (yippee!), my husband's birthday, and my daughter's birthday all in September. October holds Thanksgiving and Halloween. My son's birthday starts November. Needless to say there is a lot of eating of sweet things.

In some ways this run of birthdays is great - it's all over in one shot for the year. In other ways, it's bad - all the presents and cakes have to be bought or made. So I do my best to plan ahead.

I always make everyone's birthday cakes. I like to come up with something new each time. I let me daughter pick her theme as she's old enough. And this year I'm going to surprise her with some cupcakes at school. My darling husband doesn't care, so he's happy with whatever I make. And my son, well he's turning two so Mommy gets to decide.

As for presents... that can be difficult. No one really "wants" anything. Hubby's hobby doesn't require me to do any shopping for him so I try to pick up practical things. This year he got a fancy new super-sized deep fryer. My daughter doesn't really ask for many toys. She's not really "into" anything yet but I do usually pick her up a few things. My son gets mostly practical things too, probably a potty for training along with a few toys I think he'll like. I try to think ahead, and pick up things when they go on sale. No need to blow the budget. ;)

Whatever we plan for birthdays, it's nice to do something special and make sure to take the time to spend it together.

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