Saturday, September 3, 2011

Organization Station is in the formation stage

Trying to work on some organizing. :) I must say it's a passion of mine - being organized. I would love it if my whole world felt in order (at least most of the time) but I'm not quite there yet. I have to admit that I'm a Born-Organized (BO) person but the lack of Domestic Knowledge has caused my BO-ness to be Sidetracked Diva-ness (SD). I get so wrapped up in the researching of how to do things that I don't get anything accomplished.

However, after finding FlyLady and learning some of her skills and ideas, I am doing much better. I actually have time for some SD-ness but am keeping my house in pretty good shape. I'm coming up with some new ideas and having time to do my hobby (knitting) too. How wonderful!

The latest idea is the Organization Station. It's a new concept I'm working on but I'm excited about it. It came to me last night after Hubby said he thought our daughter's swimming started next Saturday instead of today. I had the calendar posted on the wall by my desk with the swim schedule marked on but I guess Hubby didn't look too closely. I've got a skinny wall in our main floor that will now be the Organization Station. I moved the calendar to that wall. I've labelled all our coloured pens with our names on. There's a little two-drawer table there that will soon hold the Domestic Diva's Home Manual (more on that another day) and anything else I think we need to make our home run smoothly. Hubby even checked the calendar since I've moved it. ;) Maybe this is working....

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