Monday, February 4, 2013

M&M Review of January

Where did January go??? I remember now, I got sick along with everyone else. Put me two weeks behind on everything. :S Here's a little review of the month gone by.

Meal Planning:
Well, so far my method is working. I didn't miss one day in January, not even when I was sick. Things, of course, changed when that happened as to what we would all feel like eating, but it worked out just fine. I definitely found it helpful to have the list of ideas on the calendar and knowing what I had the day before. Sometimes I have even been able to plan early (like chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday).

Things are finally settling down and coming together. We had a lot of "paperwork issues" over the last few weeks but the house is officially ours (as of April 17th anyways). It was definitely more stressful than I thought it would be. I really just tried to ignore it all so I wouldn't stress out. As for packing, not much got done. I did really well at the beginning, but then meetings and sickness got in the way of my productivity. Back at it again now though. I got some more stuff organized today and tossed and sorted a bunch more items. Feels good!

So, if January needs a mark, I think I would say B+. I did well at organizing and especially well at meal stuff but the packing didn't go quite as planned.

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