Thursday, September 19, 2013

Going for more

That's what I would like to do - go for more. I'm referring to what I get accomplished around here. I've got a long list of things I would like to do and changes I would like to make. We haven't done much of anything around here since moving in other than a few minor things like hanging hooks. Now that the kids are in school and our new business is taking off well, I would like to start being more productive. I've done well at everyday cleaning and keeping the place tidy. Now it's time to do more. :)

So my thought is to work on one room at a time till I get them all done. My goal is to complete one in a months time. There are three key points for each room: purging and organizing, repairs and changes, and deep cleaning. I've decided that the bathroom will be the first Room of the Month and start in October.

I've already started thinking about what needs to be done in there. The linen closet needs some tidying up (too many bottles that are less than half full). The room needs some towel bars and a toilet paper holder.

So anyone want to join me? I'm going to make a worksheet up so I can have my lists hopefully this week.

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