Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas is right around the corner

Sorry to give you bad news, but Christmas will before you know it. It's supposed to be one day but it never is. There are parties to go to and in-laws to visit, plus all the other things that go along with these events, like shopping and decorating.

So how do we survive? Start now!!! Start your plan - what is important to you, what are your traditions, are there any new things you want to do this year, who do you have to shop for, how much can you afford to spend. I'm sure there is more you can add, but the point is to start thinking about what your Holiday Season will entail. It helps to get organized and start your plan.

I've already started thinking about the holidays. My sister and I usually do baking together and spread it over the months of November and December. She reminded me a couple of weeks ago that we should get rolling on our baking. (Sometimes the early arrival of these holiday surprise me.) So we've started discussing and came up with our baking list. We're going over the ingredients and amounts we need. That gives us time to do shopping and start our baking next time we're together.

Now to get on with the rest of my Holiday planning.........

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