Sunday, October 30, 2011

October's Project: The Basement

So I have been working away in the basement, a little at a time. I've made some great progress. Unfortunately tomorrow ends October and I won't be done. My kids got sick and were home for a week. I had no time for extra stuff that week. Now I've been trying to catch up and other things have started. Not making excuses, but facing reality. My sister and I do all our Christmas baking together and started this past week. Tomorrow is Halloween then Wednesday is my son's birthday. Lots of added stuff but I'm hoping to get done the basement in the next week or two. Hubby is happy that I've been making an effort. I told him tonight that I'm hoping to get it done soon. There will be a pile of garbage for him to get hauled away (which I'm quite happy about) and I'm also trying to sell a few kids items that are still in good shape but my kids have outgrown. All good for sure!

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