Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Key to Cleaning

So I was upstairs trying to clean the bathroom (I always delay cleaning it as it's upstairs and doesn't get used too much) and thinking at the same time. I am not a big fan of cleaning but don't mind doing a little every day - for the most part, anyways. While I was working on the bathroom, I realized that there is one key to cleaning - clutter free rooms. "OMG! She said it!!!" Yes people. Don't get upset now, but that really is the key to fast cleaning. No one wants to spend all day cleaning anything (at least no one I know). What if your cleaning could be uninhibited?

My neighbour's girlfriend worked as a hotel housekeeper. Did you know they only have 30 minutes to clean each suite? That's right, 30 minutes to strip and remake the beds, vacuum, dust and clean the bathrooms. But how can they get it done that fast? There isn't any clutter.

Now we all have clutter, but I'm working at getting clutter-free rooms one at a time. The upstairs bathroom is used by my son and I to get ready in the morning and a night so there isn't too much stuff in there. Still though, there is some clutter. The few items I leave on the back of the toilet I need to find a basket for. That will speed up cleaning. :) The only other things are soap, glass, toothbrush and toothpaste around the sink, basket of toilet paper on the floor along with the scale, garbage can and toilet cleaning tools. That isn't too much, but if everything is lift-able in one hand so I can swipe with the other hand it will definitely speed things up.

Now what room to attack next.....

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