Monday, February 20, 2012

February's a bust!

I had great plans for February. Alas they have all gone down the drain.

Hubby's old car was supposed to be worked on by a guy. The car got moved to his garage and he did a couple of things. But the guy has been shut down for not paying his rent. So it's ended up that hubby decided he would try to get the work done on the car himself. His boss owns the building and it can stay in there till the end of the month.

So I came up with my own genius idea. Since hubby wouldn't be working on the basement for February, I thought I would try to do some more sorting of our stuff down there. You know, get rid of more clutter and rotate some of the kids' toys. Unfortunately we've had a family crisis and I just haven't been able to get down into the basement. I lost all my motivation. I've been trying to work on other stuff so that I'm not behind on my commitments should I be needed by the family. I've been spending extra time with hubby's family.

Instead of beating myself up about the lack of things accomplished this month, I'm letting it go. It's the way life happens sometimes. I have been doing well at keeping up with the regular things around the house through all that's going on. I have to be happy with that. March will soon be here and there is always a new start with a new month. :) 

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