Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February already and a new part to the Plan for Balance

I can't believe that February starts tomorrow. Sheesh! January went by really fast. I thought it was going to drag by after all of December's busyness.

So my Daily and Weekly Tasks are coming along pretty well. My plan for February is to add another part. Even as a SAHM, my daily schedule is rarely the same. Some things are routine and have to happen but a lot of it varies. So instead of having a set complete schedule, I've got things that need to be more flexible.

The part I'm adding for February are Tasks Lists for the different parts of our home: Kitchen, Main Floor Bathroom, Upstairs Bathroom, Upstairs, Main Floor and Basement. Some things I've even already done and have been marking down the dates I'm doing them. My goal is to get through each of the lists every month or so. This is all a work-in-process so we'll see how things go. :)

It's a little change which I hope will have big results. What little change can you make for February? 

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