Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year again

I know it's not New Year's Day again. Thing is my daughter went back to school this morning. Christmas Break is finally over and it's time to get back into our routines.

Working on trying some different things this year. I've followed FlyLady for a while but I never seem to be in the right Zone - my items that need to be cleaned never match up with the Zone of the week. And I've been bad about trying to follow her suggested routines. So.....

First thing I've started is a few lists of things I want to get done - Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks. On one page I printed up a checklist for the Daily Tasks, Monday through Friday, and a Weekly Checklist. Also, I'm trying to keep track of when I'm getting things done and what suppers I'm making so I printed out each month on it's own page. On the back of the calendar pages I've got my Monthly Tasks.

My Daily Tasks:
  • SSS main bathroom
  • SSS upstairs bathroom
  • Sweep main floor
  • Clean up kitchen after lunch
  • Clean up kitchen after supper
  • Prep coffee
(SSS means Swish toilet, Swipe sink, Sweep floor)

My Weekly Tasks:
  • Wash coffee maker
  • Dust main floor
  • Dust upstairs
  • Water plants
  • Garbage and compost collection
  • Sweep upstairs
  • Laundry
Both lists have room for a couple extra things that I can mark in that aren't regular things.

My Monthly Tasks really vary each month so it's just a spot to list stuff. I'm going to try to get as much done on that list as possible. When the new month arrives, I can move over whatever isn't done. :)

How are you doing your New Year?

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