Monday, February 27, 2012

March Un-Madness

Basketball has something called March Madness. As I don't follow basketball, we're not talking about that today. lol What I was thinking about, though, was Spring Cleaning. As March approaches, it seems like Spring Cleaning would be the next step.

I have never had any experience with Spring Cleaning. My mother never did it so I've never learned. But I wonder, is Spring Cleaning wrapped up in some March Madness? Do people go "mad" trying to get their Spring Cleaning done?

I don't think we should ever feel rattled because of our need to clean stuff, even with Spring Cleaning. So I'm taking a March Un-Madness approach and hoping that this works out. My thought was, that with a little planning, I could begin some Spring Cleaning in March and see where it goes. As you know, I'm still new at this domestic stuff and trying to get it all figured out. Whatever I have been doing has been working okay but there is room for improvement.

So here's my March Un-Madness Plan (along with some explanation of my ideas):

March begins the middle of this week then there are 4 full weeks. Don't forget, there's a week with two kids home as my daughter will be off school for March Break. That will affect getting stuff done too.

March 1-3: de-cluttering and de-decorating (I still have some Christmas-y decorations I would like to put away and some other piles that have formed)
March 4-10: concentrate on upstairs (I would like to do some cleaning upstairs that will require moving stuff as well as some decluttering of things that have collected upstairs, mostly clothes that the kids have outgrown)
March 11-17: kids' stuff (I've got boxes of kids stuff in the basement that need to be gone through as well as the stuff in their room and living room)
March 18-24: concentrate on downstairs (I want to work on extra cleaning on the main floor along with a little sorting that needs to be done)
March 25-31: bonus week (this will have to be planned later on, I want to see how far I get with the other weeks, besides there's always the basement) 

So that's the scoop. Hope it works. :) I've got it written down on my calendar for March. Will try to report each Saturday and let you know how it went. If this works as good as I'm hoping, I will plan something like this for every March.

What are you doing for March Un-Madness? Care to join me?

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