Monday, March 19, 2012

March Un-Madness: March 11-17

Review of March 11-17:
The focus last week was on the kids. Even though it was March Break, I still got a few things accomplished. :) I took my little journal with me and went through the kids' clothes. We boxed up some stuff that doesn't fit anymore or that they just don't want. I wrote down the things they need and the sizes. I also got a new storage system for the Barbies that my daughter keeps in her room. WalMart had a sale on and I found a plastic 3 drawer unit that fits in her closet and holds all the Barbie paraphernalia. This is a much better location for all the stuff as it's right near the Barbie house. We also had time for fun and baking, and a trip to my sister's home and picked up some of my old toys. Never got to anything in the basement but that's okay.

Plan for March 18-24:
  • The focus this week is the main floor. 
  • I would like to work on my desk again. (It's got some piles going on.) Seems like this needs to be a task that gets done more often, or I need to remember to clean up after myself a bit better.
  • I would like to find a better storage solution for the kids' toys that we have here. Might just need a book case or something.
  • There is a bit of miscellaneous stuff hanging around too that needs to be taken care of like mending and ironing.   

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