Monday, March 12, 2012

March Un-Madness: March 4-10

Plans are great but they don't always work out. :)

Review of March 4-10:
I don't think I had too much on my list but not everything got done. The only thing I got completed last week was the linen closet. I tidied it up, got rid of a few half full bottles by dumping them into others, picked up a few more baskets at the dollar store, and re-organized. I'm happy with how the linen closet turned out, I was just hoping for greater progress last week.

But it's ALL good! When ever we get something accomplished we should smile and be happy that it got done. Time to regroup and move onto this week.

It looks like the decluttering and organizing is going to take all of March. I am planning the actual "deep cleaning" part to start in April. As the month goes on and I move from room to room, I'm taking notes of what I want my "deep cleaning" to include. 

I had a genius idea for an old journal. I had a brand new journal sitting around, not being used for anything. When I attacked the linen closet, I brought it and a pen with me. In the front I started making lists of the items that get grouped together (one group per page). At the back, I started shopping lists (a general list and one for the dollar store). I'm taking this journal with me for the rest of the March Un-Madness so I can continue to organize. It's not too big so it's easy to carry around and it's just such a handy idea.

Plan for March 11-17:
  • The focus this week is on the kids and their stuff.
  • We're having a Fashionista Day to go through my daughter's clothes. Since I didn't get my son's clothes done last week, I hope to do them at the same time.
  • I would like to get through the kids' bedroom. The toys and books need to be decluttered and re-organized.
  • If there is more time, I want to start going through the boxes of kids' stuff in the basement.  

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