Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer - Week 5

Can't believe I missed posting a review of our Week 5 this Summer. Let's see... what did we do....

There wasn't any swimming lessons this week. They didn't have any lessons for Level 5. We still got up and dressed at a decent time each morning. That's a good routine I've got going for me and the kids.

A few cherry tomatoes have been ready in our garden, but that is it. :( I was hoping that we'd have some luck with the other plants but there hasn't been any. I found out for my friend who's a gardening genius that my zucchini plant needs cross pollination from it's own flowers. (Apparently there are male and female flowers on it.) Nothing is growing on my cucumber plant either besides the little flowers. Looks like I'm going to expand the number of plants I've got to get a better amount vegetables.

We had a good day with a dear friend of mine too. She's no spring chicken anymore but she can keep my kids super busy. She planned some games to play and had awards too. She always has great ways to include the kids in cooking. And we always do a little baking. This time we made some delish chocolate cupcakes.

Onto the next week...

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