Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer - Week 9

Well, that's it. It's official. Summer is over. Labour Day is Monday and daughter goes back to school on Tuesday. Un-be-liev-able!!

Where did it all go? It still feels like Summer just started for the most part. The kids have been getting along relatively well. They've been having fun playing together and with daughter's friends. My son has been spending time in the garage with Daddy. The monkeys have been playing inside and out, making a mess and getting dirty. Fighting has been at a minimum and they've both been fairly cooperative and helpful.

Yes, that's me celebrating my birthday with my kids at McDonald's no less. Where else would a mom celebrate her birthday?!? I even had fun going down the slide. ;)

As always, after my birthday, I look towards a busy fall. We have back to school to get ready for, routines to get back into, other birthdays to celebrate (hubby's, daughter's, then son's), and holidays to enjoy. I'm sure it will all fly by just as fast.

All my daughter's school supplies have been purchased. Monday will be labeling and prepping day. Can't believe she's going into Grade 1 already. It will definitely be an interesting beginning this year with homework being involved. I really hope she still loves it as much as she has.

Well, off to relax in the last hot weekend of Summer. Hope you enjoy yours too! 

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