Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer - Week 6

This week had more fun visits. :) Sure is nice to do something different.

On Tuesday, I took the kids out to my friend's camp. Boy, was that interesting! The camp has no running water so my daughter found it interesting to see the different ways things have to be done. Water has to be brought in from the lake and then boiled before it can be used for things. They use bottled water for drinking. Instead of a regular toilet, they've had an outhouse, a can with toilet seat on top, and now a compost toilet. My fav is definitely the compost toilet as you don't have to walk out of the camp and you don't have to worry about tipping over the can. The kids had their first swim in a lake too. My daughter adapted very well but my son not so much. He didn't realize you couldn't walk like normal and fell face-first into the water when he tried to move. And he did it again when he tried to turn around and come back to me. Oh my, that was funny! He had a life jacket on so I wasn't worried about any emergencies but my little boy didn't like it at all. Still a fun day even with a little bit of rain.

Friday had a visit from my baby sister. We haven't seen her all Summer so this was a great treat. We had coffee and caught up. It was a cold, wet day so no outside fun but we still had a good time. My daughter convinced us to play Canasta and the two girls beat me. We all had fun trying to remember how to play. (I haven't been playing with my friends either.)

It sure isn't feeling like Summer around here lately. The weather has gotten colder. There's been lots of rain passing through our area too. We've been wearing jeans and needing sweaters. Hubby says it's supposed to get warmer again but I don't believe him. It sure feels like it's over. At least we had a good time enjoying the heat and sunshine when we did have it.

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