Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer - Week 7

I didn't realize till the other day that there are 9 full weeks of Summer this year. How lovely! But still, we're at the end of Week 7 already?!? It amazes me that the time has gone so quick. Many things that I thought we would get accomplished haven't even made it to the start list. When will I get there? I don't know. The important thing is that Summer has been good.

My daughter was back in swimming this week. It sure is nice to get up, get out the door, and have that over with. I don't mind going to swimming. It's just easier to do it first thing and not have to worry about going to it later or not getting anything started because I won't have enough time before swimming.

Nothing else too exciting. I've been trying to catch up with some cleaning and knitting. Really it's been a quiet week with crappy weather. It's still cold out and it's been wet a lot of days. I think I only had shorts on one day. Wonder if the warmer weather will come back.

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