Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas - is it a four-letter word???

Okay, the word "Christmas" is way more than four letters, but lots of people feel like it is. That word can bring people a lot of stress because it means a lot of extra work. Extra food to cook, extra events to go to or host, presents to purchase  and wrap, homes to decorate, etc.

This stuff doesn't stress me out for one reason: I'm organized. Well, mostly organized. Over the years, I've learned to write things down: what did we eat, what did I bake, what did I buy, what did we do, what did we enjoy. From these lists, I'm able to prepare for the next Holiday Season. I start Christmas stuff early. After Canadian Thanksgiving (middle of October), my sister and I plan our Christmas baking and get started. I start my shopping list, ask people for ideas for presents, and start budgeting how much I want to spend on each person. I split up the shopping and keep track of what I'm spending. I decorate a little bit at a time and keep the decorations to a few rooms and a minimum, just the stuff we like.

What do you do to make your Holiday Season easier and less stressful?

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