Monday, November 12, 2012

Computer time - it wasn't the plan for today...

I've been thinking about my schedule lately and how I'm cruizing along with keeping up with the daily household chores pretty well but not making progress on anything else. I want to make more progress on my to do list and live a more balanced life. So I thought I would make an effort on two days a week to do some things I would like to catch up on.

Technology Tuesdays will include working on the computer and the things that relate to that. I do some volunteer work for our women's group at church. Most of that work involves time spent on the computer. I've been struggling to keep up with it so it's no assigned to Tuesdays. As well, there is desk work that always needs doing and overloaded browsers sometimes so hopefully I can work on those too.

To Do List Thursdays will now include working on the Basement that's full of stored items, extra cleaning that I'm not getting done, and sorting stuff like kids' clothes that need doing. Hopefully attacking these areas one day a week, I'll see and feel a difference.

Now I know today isn't Tuesday, but I've been working on desk and computer stuff today. I'm waiting for some input from a few people for a newsletter I need to complete. So I started working on stuff here while I wait and in case it all comes in tomorrow. ;) As well, I haven't been feeling 100% today so it was nice to have some sit down jobs.

What was my progress today? Well, I've updated my Meal Ideas list with those suppers we've eaten and liked. I also got through my FireFox Browser today and looked at all the pages I have saved. Some of them were recipes to save or print, other were information to keep. Now I'm down to just a few that I use regularly. I've also sorted my Supper folders. I have 5 now - Beef dishes, Chicken dishes, Pork dishes, Other, and one called Suppers to Try. My next step is to go through the folders and pick out dishes we eat as well as ones I would like to try and put them into the Suppers to Try folder. This will help in preparation for January. :)

That's it for today. I'm going to try to relax a little before it's time to get rolling again.

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