Friday, November 9, 2012

I couldn't fall asleep last night...

I was trying to get to sleep last night but just couldn't. I had menu planning on the brain. Why does menu planning bother me so much? Why do I find it so hard to put together a menu ever? So as I was lying there, I realized the following: There are (approximately) 30 days each month. That's 30 suppers. Most of the time we eat beef, chicken and pork meals. That's 3 meats, divided into 30 suppers, means 10 suppers per meat. Well there are other meals to eat too so let's go with 7 per meat. That gives us 21. Add how about 4 nights of leftovers so we're at 25. Add 5 meals of other kinds of suppers. That gives us our 30 meals for the month. That really doesn't sound so bad does it?!?

If you've been following me for a while, you know I started a list of suppers divided up into 4 sections: beef, pork, chicken and others. It needs some updating so that will be my first task in preparation for January. In recipes I've got printed off, they are also divided this way. Task 2 will be to go through my files and orgainze them a little better (I've got a pile that need to go in the right folders).

Task 3 will be to print off recipes from my computer and file them. Task 4 will be to pick the 52 new recipes to try. And the last task before January will be to pick meals for the month including 5 from the new recipes.

I've added all these things to a To Do List in Cozi. Hopefully that will help keep me organized and get stuff done. :) 

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